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I'm Anisha, wife of Ranjit who is the co-author of this blog, well that was the idea initially before he actually took over the whole space. That is a short story; let me start from the beginning.

I recently started blogging at Experiments! and was enjoying it and wanted to blog about our travel experiences. We've been travelling for almost a year and a half and have visited quite a few places in India and have loads and loads of pictures, which I realized would need a blog of its own. I asked Ranjit, to co-author the blog. Though, we both share a few interests, we are like the North Pole and South Pole. Once we reach a destination we like doing different things and our point of view is entirely different, it would be interesting if we could put them together. 

After a little bit of cajoling and loads of kisses, His- Highness agreed. Since he is the designer, I asked him if he could make a unique header and do the background in, green grass, blue sky and yellow flowers. I wanted it to look bright and beautiful, it should feel like stepping outdoors, on a bright sunny day.

At the end of the day, when I saw the blog I was like OMG- Ok,this looks great, but firstly, it's not bright or green or blue or yellow... it's just shades of grey and secondly, the tabs were- Cars & Bikes, Accidents etc. I want a travel blog not an issue of Overdrive. Men and their obsession with wheels, I knew, I can't stop him now.

I am Ranjit, as stated above, the car crazy guy. When I was seduced into making the header for this blog, she asked me to put in a lot of colours. That's the first thing we disagreed on. It's not that I don't like colours, it's just that I would prefer them on my clothes (that I don't wear) not on my car. Imagine a car painted in green grass across its doors, blue across its roof and yellow on its hood. Naturally my thoughts wandered into car territory, everything ends and begins with car for me... so did my header too.

That's why; I thought I would join in with her to make a travel blog, somewhere. where I can say what I feel like as a guy, somewhere, where I can share my mind, somewhere, where I can talk about cars and stuff I like to do.

We love travelling, so we will update you on food and destination. Cheap stay, good food to eat and of course places to get drunk too.

I hope you will be able to enjoy the diverse point of view of me and my wife.

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