Monday, 20 February 2012

Must Have Toys For The Rich

A dusty wind whirls around on the tarmac of the air field as the helicopter moves in to touch down. Our hero opens the door and steps out in slow motion. His hairs falling across his face as people come up to greet him. They lead him to his sports car; he opens the door of the car, rev the engine and drives away as the sun goes down in the back ground.

This is a scene where the rich hero plays in almost every movie, so what does it tell us. People with a lot of money should have two items in their arsenal; just because it makes their life look cool or maybe to vent some steam or maybe because there is too much money lying around. You probably might have guessed by now what those two things are, one is a very fast car and the other is a flying machine, like a helicopter or a plane. 

I decided I too should own a fast car and a helicopter, so I sold everything I had, begged a bit more and then pleaded with people to lend me some more money. Finally with all of that I went out and brought myself a car and a helicopter. Don’t be surprised, I am now a proud owner of a brand new car and helicopter that can be fully controlled with a remote. Of course, they are very small versions of the real thing, some people might even call it toys but then that is what I ended up with, neither did I had the money nor did I get a role in the movie (thou I still really feel I should have). 

Anyway, I am happy with it (probably because I can’t afford the real thing). 

Monday, 6 February 2012

Club Mahindra Scam

Every mall you have ever been too, you probably have come across this one person who wants you to fill a form for Club Mahindra which is also a lucky draw coupon. A few might walk away like me (the only reason being, I have filled it before and I know what comes after) but I am sure most will fill the form, lucky draw coupons are too enticing to resist the temptations. 

The reason why I am writing about this is, I travel a lot with my wife and I am looking out for travel information on TV or newspapers or even on the internet. Lately I have come across this TV program in Fox Traveller called Ultimate Travel Scam. It's about scams played on travellers causing loss of money or belongings. In one of the episodes I came across a scam quite close to this, which I then told my wife and she suggested I write about this as a post, so that I let people know about it.

What happened to me was, I filled the form like a lot of you. Within a few days I got a call saying that I won a prize, it was a trip for two, 2 days and 3 nights in Munnar. The only way I could collect the prize was by bring my wife along for a lecture to their office. Since I was single then, I did not go.

Once again after a few months I came across this lucky draw coupon and this time I won again (I am so damn lucky). The prize was still 2 days and 3 nights at Munnar. This time I thought, I should not let the prize slip through my hands, so I took my girlfriend along pretending to be my wife. I attend the lecture with her, from the beginning I was persuaded, enticed and even seduced into taking up their club membership with drinks and royal treatment.

My idea as I walked into the office was to take the free vacation I got as a prize and leave but since I was in such a situation where I was treated well and made to feel like I am going to have a good time as a member of their club, they expected something out of me, to which I responded that I wanted my vacation and that’s all (they probably have never meet a guy like me, who is too stingy to part with money). Finally, giving up, they left me a phone number to call and book my vacation.

I called a couple of times, the brochures are coming and that’s always the answer, so I finally just gave up. I then searched for Club Mahindra and came across lots of people been tricked like me. People who have taken up the membership also face problems like booking for their vacations and hidden charges. Beware of it.

So next time you see these people, walk away or if you want to have fun and win a prize, fill the form.
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