Saturday, 17 December 2011

Pets & Aqua Show

Pets & Aqua Show
I love animals, the kind that swims in water or flies in the air or even the kind that walks on land. Oh yeah, no matter how vicious they are or how sluggish they can get. Big or small they are amazing. So when I heard there is a Pet & Aqua show coming to Kerala (Kochi, Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium, Kaloor). I was excited. 

On the day it was supposed to open, I woke up my wife from her sleep, asked her to get dressed, as I wanted to be among the first to see it. It was suppose to start on 15th December at 2pm (It goes on till 25th dec, timing been 2pm–9pm). Even though I reached on time, could not catch the act because they said it would open at 7 pm only. So we decided to see it the next day. 

My excitement peeked as I imagined puppies playing around and also being able to see some rare fishes and so on, I imagined a fun filled day. I arrived the next day just about when it was supposed to open, paid Rs 40 for the tickets and walked in. 

Fresh Water Fish

Sea Water Fishes
Yup! Is this it, that was the very first thought in my mind? All I could see where a lot of fishes, pigeons, hen, love birds, cats and 4 dogs. My disappointment turned to anger when I saw stalls selling other stuff like cookery, gym equipments and pickles (is this a pet show or a market).



Cats (Puss In Boots)

I felt cheated, as I came to see dogs and all I got was a few tanks of common fishes and yeah 4 dogs. 


If you’re going with kids, then I guess they might be a bit more excited but for me it was a disappointment.

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  1. Oh my gosh that black n white creature is very scary rest all are very cute n splendid clicks


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