Wednesday, 28 December 2011

GPS By MapmyIndia

GPS Device
As we travel a lot by road, the two biggest problems I mostly face are the constant nagging of my wife and finding the way to our destination. To help me with this, I carry a bundle of maps of India, divided into each state.

You can imagine this scene, where the map is spread out in front of my navigator (my wife), her head buried in it, trying to figure out where we are and what route should we be taking.  Once in a while, we are forced to roll down the window and get someone direction, from people standing by the side of the road. Occasionally, while rolling down the window, the air blows the map of her hand, landing on my face. Sometimes we end up exactly opposite to where we are supposed to be. 
It’s not easy to ask people for direction when you’re in the middle of traffic or when it’s late in the night and you can’t find anyone. Maps in India are not easy to read.  The point I am trying to make with all this is people who love travelling by road should get a GPS for their car.  

GPS has made our life a lot easier. I hated reading maps and especially the GPS on the phone always confused me as to which direction we are headed. The only thing I find annoying is that Ranjit now trusts the lady in the GPS (the voice) more than me. Sometime she is too stubborn, as she keeps asking you to take turns where there is actually no road. But most of the times it has calculated accurate alternative routes.

I know everyone nowadays has a smart phone with built in maps but the problem with that is why waste your battery life. (Download the MapmyIndia application in case you’re too stubborn to get a GPS device, its more accurate)

I brought a GPS device for my car because my navigator got fed up with reading maps and finally ended up burning it all up. It’s a Vx140s model navigation device from MapmyIndia, 10.9cm wide, TFT touch screen, loaded with maps from MapmyIndia. The maps can be upgraded regularly by paying money. MapmyIndia is according to me, one of the best service providers in India.

Upgradeable to 8Gb using Mini SD Card

Technical specification of the GPS ranges from, large 10.9cm wide TFT anti-glare touch screen, playback for videos, music, text documents, integrated Bluetooth for hands free function.   

MapmyIndia Vx140s

My review- I was looking for a GPS device for my car, I did not expect anything other than it showing me direction but there is lot of choices to pick from. I brought one as per the above specification cause that’s all I needed. It can be mounted to your windshield, you will have to place it somewhere, where the sun does not shine on it directly cause thou it is a anti glare device, the sun causes a problem in reading the map. The touch screen is not responsive; it needs a firm touch but works well with the stylus. Forget watching movies or listening to songs on this device. Bluetooth hands free are useful when you’re travelling long distances because you can sync your phone to the device. Taking calls, dialling numbers or viewing your phone book becomes easy too but once you take the mobile out of the GPS devices range, then you have to pair it again. The battery life is not good but they provide you with a car charger too. 

Don’t worry if you miss a turn, it will calculate other alternate routes for you, so sit back, listen to some music and trust the GPS Device to get you to your destination.


  1. Wow..GPS in to know

  2. Really good one. Thank you for sharing.

    Recruitment agency in Mumbaikem evu dear..?

  3. There are many times I've stuck in some unknown place trying to reach my destination but not knowing the way. Here's a saviour now...thanks for showing me :)


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